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A community space, in the gallery of the Richard Jefferies Museum, where art will be zoomed into YouTube with Babycham, cheese and pineapple, psychedelia, You (as in Tube) and Hilda in one form or another. Sit and read poetry, talk about poetry, write poetry, and perform in front of your friends to the background music of Leo Sayer. Or sit and draw, read anything you like to a selection of 70s hits or the Sound of Silence. This is a project of Poetry Swindon and the Richard Jefferies Museum Trust.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Saturday 13th February and nearly in the lounge

Because every day is like a ski trip—  Kenneth Koch

The lounge is becoming a relaxing space and it held its first visitors like a 60 denier light tan stocking yesterday. Some didn't get any stocking but dreamed about it as Carrie Etter slept on the old couch during her lunch.

"Everything should happen in the lounge," said Stephen Daniels.
"It's like a ski trip in there," I expressed.

Stephen was dreaming of being in the lounge and tries out some of its treasures.

Sam also hoped for a ski trip to the lounge, but the doors were closed and the heating off.

"If only," sighed Sam. "I could just play some Leo Sayer and sip a Babycham" (citation needed)

Carrie awoke but alas, Stephen and Sam had left. "It's cold in there." she shivered. Not even Hot Chocolate would warm her up in the minus two of the Richard Jefferies Museum. 

Ebay frantic hostess me found the perfect heater of lounge dreams and ski trips.

We can't have our great poets cold. It's cold enough out there ...
not all poetry is like a ski trip.

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